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Aguttes to auction rare Del Gesu violin

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8 minutes ago, Michael Appleman said:

I'm a bit surprised at the estimation of this violin: 4-4.5 million. Does that seem low to anyone else?

I was thinking the same. I thought it would be 7-10 as a minimum.

I'm curious to see how this and the strad do.

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1 hour ago, Jeffrey Holmes said:

"The ‘da Vinci of Violins,’ Handmade in 1736, Could Fetch More Than $10 Million at Auction"

Sounds like the auction house media is attempting to take advantage of Tarisio's advertising of the Strad.  :) 

They could have been a bit more imaginative :D

However I am looking forward to June.

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With respect i don't think that's very meaningful.

Sometimes instruments end up at auction because trustees can't agree on what to do - that's a problem for a seller but not for a buyer.

A violin of this pedigree gets so much exposure at a public auction that you'd be pretty stupid to try to hide anything that's consequential for a buyer.


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I'm afraid I don't know this violin (Regis Pasquier's Del Gesu) personally, so I can't comment on whether or not it has issues.

I do know of another DG that took a long time to sell through private direct sale. It didn't have any "hidden" defects like a back crack or replaced parts etc., but it did have a small problem: it didn't sound very good. After many bassbars, neck resets and much massaging, it finally found a buyer that appreciates it, but it was not easy!

While I've never met Regis, I did have the pleasure of working alongside and playing with his brother, Bruno, a great violist as well as both his sons who are excellent violists as well. The Pasquier family are musical "royalty" over here, having been top chamber musicians, orchestral leaders and soloists for three generations. I am familiar with Bruno's Maggini viola which is an amazing playing instrument, capable of cutting through or even drowning out any ensemble in all registers! I can't imagine Regis would have pluncked down a small fortune 20 years ago to buy an instrument that wasn't a similar powerhouse concert instrument. They did play together for years as the "Pasquier" string trio together with Roland Pidoux, making a Del Gesu/Maggini/Strad instrument combo...

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I suspect the auction house's first obligation is to suggest a price that would deliver the minimum that they agreed on with the seller. Their next obligation is to get as much as they can. How many more people will start bidding at a low, attractive price, then get sucked into a possible bidding war by the thrill of the chase, vs what kind of competition might develop if a slightly higher price only turned up one prospective bidder who would only be bidding against himself? 

Tarisio is taking the exact opposite approach: "We only want you there if $20 million is pocket change, because you ARE going to be setting a new auction record."

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Does anyone know if this sold and if so what it sold for?

I was trying to watch the live stream but it was very unstable.

It seems to me that it either didn't sell or perhaps went to above 5? I wasn't sure if the bidding was saying 2 or 12 at some point.

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Yeah kinda similar to what I heard but I thought I might have heard 5 at some point but maybe that was a different lot. The live stream kept on crashing.

Im assuming it went unsold, as nothing came up in the records afterwards.

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