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How invasive (and expensive) would repairing this saddle crack be?


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Hi everyone, 

A violin I own has a 5 cm crack on the top plate starting at the saddle, but not on the joint. The wood seems to have dried out and left a small gap in the crack. Would repairing this crack require the top to be removed? Does additional wood need to be added, or rather filler? I'm going to bring it to a shop soon but would like to know if I'm going to get slapped with a massive bill if I decide to go forward and have it repaired. The violin would be worth about 15k when/if repaired properly.

Thanks for your input!20220406_175110.thumb.jpg.2766ed2cd3eebd31bf1ec07243b030ae.jpg20220406_175118.thumb.jpg.7d9abc0ca31f781636f33b9d849c4478.jpg20220406_175103.thumb.jpg.300c92a7033dcfc2a5926f49ab310ac2.jpg

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To do it properly, one would need to take off the top, clean the dirt out of the crack, glue & put studs on the crack, glue the belly back on, and slightly shorten the saddle, then retouch it. What else might be wrong on parts one cannot see in your pictures will remain a mystery, as is why it should be worth “15k”

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