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The International Violin Bridge Competition 2022


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Absolutely Delighted to announce that
The 2nd International Violin Bridge Competition 2022 is now open for registration and entries.
Please join us for a global celebration of the art and craft of Bridge cutting.
With fantastic prizes from our sponsors and partners: Josef Teller OHG, Dictum - Mehr als Werkzeug, Warchal strings, Pirastro, Despiau Chevalets and Lark Music Insurance.
More information can be found here.
and on our 
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Hi Andreas, thanks for the question.

We will be refining it a little, from last year.

We will have Gold, Silver and discretionary Merit for Violin, Viola, Cello and Others. Baroque bridges can be entered in either the instrument or other category.

We also have a special award sponsored by Dictum.com for innovative design.

Best Regards

Gerard KilBride




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Delighted to have started receiving entries for the 2nd International Violin Bridge Competition 2022
So far we have Bridges from Romania, Hong Kong, Germany and the United States.
Come Join us to Celebrate the Hidden Art of Violin Family Bridge Cutting.
With Fantastic Prizes from our Sponsors and partners
Josef Teller, Dictum - Mehr als Werkzeug, Pirastro, Warchal, Despiau Chevalets and Lark Music Insurance.
Entries now open at violinbridges.co.uk
A Global Celebration.
Our Facebook Group
Please share amongst your networks.
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I have only every tried one on an electric violin and it wasnt any better than I expected, looked nice though :) 

Lots of concerns about using them, as working with carbon fibre cant be good, dust wise, and trying to tailor them to your instrument without causing long term damage to the front by using a much harder bridge material.

Plus sound transfer differences of wood and carbon fibre? they really dont do this well.

But I have seen somebody on the intaweb who is making them in the far east...you have to try it and make your own mind up, on your own instruments :)


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But its all in the detail, must work for some.

Talking of detail. Highlights from last years competition.

This time Hu Jialai from China.
Each of his bridges had tiny inserts instead of velum for the top strings... beautifully done.
Come celebrate and join us at The International Violin Bridge Competition 2022



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NOW only 8 weeks until the competition deadline.
Join us and Celebrate the Art of Bridge Cutting.
Each Entry will have a dedicated page on the archive.violinbridges.co.uk research website and also will be included in the Violin Bridges Hardback Book II, Promoting your craft to a global market.
With Great Prizes from all our sponsors.
A Global Celebration..
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Showcasing and Celebrating your work to a global audience.
Participate in a long running research project and celebrate the art of Bridge Cutting.
With entries from Germany, USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom, Romania, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Greece, Singapore, Israel, Colombia and Spain.
Fantastic prizes from our sponsors and partners.
Register Now:


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We are very proud and delighted to have been awarded a grant from the Violin Society of America to update and reupload all of the original online website archives images at https://archive.violinbridges.co.uk, enabling us to continue to serve the highest quality information to the violin community for free.

Reminder that we have one month to go before the competition entry arrival deadline.

Its not too late to register and can be done here


VSA Banner.jpg

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Last Call to register and send your Bridge for this years Competition

Arrival Deadline August 31st.

If you planned to take part this year and come celebrate with us the arrival deadline is getting close, so now is the time to register and join us.

Register and Send your entries.

Help us Celebrate the Art of Bridge Cutting With Great prizes from our Sponsors.

Automatically take part in the long running bridge research project at archive.violinbridges.co.uk

Showcase your work to a Global audience.



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Very pleased to announce that THE INTERNATIONAL VIOLIN BRIDGE COMPETITION 2022 Results are back from the Judges and now published online via our facebook group.and violinbridges.co.uk

Many thanks to our sponsors and all of you who have taken part and supported the archive and competition this year.


Promoting, Celebrating and showcasing excellence in our craft.




Archive- Publications - Competition



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Congratulations to all the winners!:)

But one thing that left me very perplexed is how the jury was able to award the bridge in the New Design category. In addition to not seeing anything new, the two notches that I marked with the red arrows are a decidedly pejorative element compared to the traditional design, as they favor the breaking of the bridge exactly in that point, where the rounded lines of the traditional design certainly offer a better distribution of forces.

Am I the only one who thinks so?



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