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Cello inspection lights

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I got one of Doug’s years ago.  I don’t use it much, but I am very glad I have it.  It seems to be the perfect thing for interior illumination as long as you have a place to plug it in.  And I have also occasionally found it useful for non-instrument uses.

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I like the LED strip approach. You can either purchase a premade one like the Luthier Lights, which look pretty good and a quick way to do it. Or buy a little LED strip that you can cut to length. You can get them at Lowes of Home Depot nowadays. Or If you want a "spotlight" & camera combination. These little guys are all over the net, Amazon, Bangood... Just make sure you get one that fits down the f-hole. The on line pictures of the product can be confusing. Mine is 5.5mm diameter and it works very well. For a cello one of the bigger 7mm inspection lights would work and the camera has much better resolution.

I have used both the strip and spotlight and they both have their place.

USB Endoscope for OTG Android Phone, Computer, 5.5 mm Borescope Inspection Snake Camera Waterproof with Micro USB, Type C, 16

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