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Older Knilling pegs installation on cello--finding direction for installation?


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I won a bid on ebay for a set of $35 knilling pegs for cello. They seem to be an older set, so there's no B/T (bass/treble) on the pegs to tell which goes in which direction. 

Question 1: Is there an easy way to test which is the correct direction for installation? I have a violin reamer and have put in a pair of violin pegs, but on this set I'm not sure which ones go where. They're the right size and all seem to function. Is there a way to eyeball the thread direction, or would stringing them help me know which direction turns best?

Question 2: They're really close on size and won't need much reaming to fit. I have a violin peg reamer. I believe it's big enough to do the job (needs to be able to do 13mm). Any tips?

This is not an expensive cello. It's a $200 Taiwanese full size. The current pegs tune fine, but are creaky and clearly aren't ebony. The tailpiece is an older ones and the string balls seem to barely fit, so I am also thinking this might let me take out the fine tuners. So grateful for this board! Thanks for any advice!

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