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The 102 seems to be available. I did a dry run ordering one, and it went through fine, up to the point of payment. I don't need another, but I will say I like mine very much, and if you amortize it on a per-hour basis, it was, even for miserly me, a good buy. I've been using various antique Stanleys for years, and the LN, with its heavier blade and body and finer adjustment, is just a lot easier to use with precision.

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16 hours ago, Shelbow said:

@Kev Chanot if you are looking for decent planes you should try Clifton. They are made in Sheffield and very good quality.


Thanks for your recommendation,but I was wondering whether or not LN are still in business.

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The reason a lot of Lie Nielsen & Veritas tools are out of stock in Britain, probably comes down to two factors. Manufacturing delays due to Covid disruption, and Brexit.

I know of businesses in other spheres, where they are no longer importing quality brands. This is due to Brexit paperwork, increases in the cost of raw materials & manufacturing, increases in shipping costs and so forth, which have made it uneconomic to do so.
They felt that what the new price would need to be, was something customers just wouldn’t pay.

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