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How to Remove Corduroy from Spruce?

Brad Dorsey

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22 hours ago, Michael_Molnar said:

Right. For clarification, a scraper with a burr edge is called a sharp scraper. A razor blade does not have a burr edge, and it accentuates the spruce corduroy. 

For flat surfaces or a large radius convex surface, I have found the Richards single edge razor blades used in their hand scrapers very useful when a slight burr is turned on the edge. I've also reground and sharpened them to specific profiles successfully. Razor Blade

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13 hours ago, Brad Dorsey said:

What are those steps?

Lots of ways; wet wood surface and a dull scraper is a start, Depends on whether you want the springwood or summer wood to pop. Main thing is to get the spring wood and summer wood to swell, then cut them back unevenly, or to cut the dry wood back unevenly with abrasive. It develops on its own over time. I was just noticing it on the inside of the top of a 100 year old violin that had originally been finished really cleanly. There's a discussion in the archive if you want to look for it, or just google corduroy on violin.

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