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Violin from my German family ID


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8 hours ago, moorelia230@gmail.co said:

Just a Question. Were there many german makers who made violins with Double purfeled. Or are their names known.

Within the actual German borders, double purfling was used by the Allemannische Schule in the Black Forest 17th century, also at many Saxony made violins in the early 19th before the start of the cottage industry. Below a shipping document from 1839 of Klingenthal, where are listed (2nd from below) 6 dozen doppelt eingelegte (double purfled)(Violinen). Most known are those made by the Lippold family, but others made them this way, too.

And a photo of a Hopf model ca 1850 with no regard to any Maggini model as example.

Preisliste Klingenthal 001.jpg

14.02.2011 17-42-15_0795.jpg

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20 hours ago, Brunon said:

Actually this Violin is my father friend who lives in Germany. He is older person and at this moment can provide only them. I considered to buy this Violin for my own repairing skills, depending on price.

As I wrote, sorry for those coming here honest and open. But for the judgement of the violin it doesn't make any difference, so you might be prepared what to face.

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On 3/18/2022 at 5:47 PM, moorelia230@gmail.co said:

Mr Fiddle Doug. Guido did not mention a ton of anything , or did he mention Maggini. In his reply to me ,about 9 hours ago.

Probably way more than a ton! A ton is only about 2000 instruments! Double purfling is one of the Maggini copy characteristics.

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