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Hi, I am not an expert so please do not take what I say as fact. The pegs look English, and the body is not purfled, so maybe it is also English. The caveat  is that open bouts  like you see on  this violin are seen on some German violins which are also sometimes seen  without purfling. I like the front view of the scroll, it looks nice. It will be interesting to hear the experts opinions. I have just noticed the f-hole notches are nicely cut.

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Where I live it would probably cost the current EBAY price to have that crack fixed up and the instrument set up. Might be a cool period instrument when done, but you could probably find another fairly quickly already done up for less than that.

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6 minutes ago, SKY said:

Thank you all very much for your opinions and yes I am the owner.

@SKY I have been watching your listing for quite a long time, and personally I think it is quite overpriced given the work needed to get it playable. However I am not an expert.

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  • SKY changed the title to VIOLIN

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