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Jargar string identification

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Just had a client email me saying I put the wrong strings on her cello. Not in the shop and would like to sleep untroubled tonight. Does any one know if there are Jargar strings with similar windings to Larsen? Superiors maybe? I swear she had on Larsens but she is saying she had some kind of "special" Jargars. Not such a big deal except its a 200 mile roundtrip for her to come back.

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Jargar winding doesn't look at all like Larsen. https://www.greymusic.com.ar/instrumentos-varios/encordados-y-cuerdas---inst.varios/43385-cuerda-suelta-jargar-superior-do-para-cello-de-acerowolfram.html 

There exist regular Jargars, Special Jargars (a and d), silver Jargars (g and C) and Superior Jargars and each of those in three different gauges. Their playing characteristics differ rather much. Personally I can't stand classic Jargar medium on most cellos, Forte is better. I quite like Jargar Special forte strings. I've no experience with superior. Anyway, if your customer is used to a different Jargar than what you put on, it can indeed be very much unlike what she is used to. But I really wonder how come she doesn't know exactly what she had on the cello before.

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9 hours ago, Cornell Violins said:

Saul Is that you? If so hello after many years. I did see that site but didn't see any of the newer Jargars on it. I'll sort this out when I get to the shop today. I think the problem here is having busy clients who send other people to drop off and pick up their instruments!

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3 minutes ago, nathan slobodkin said:

Thanks for replies. It turns out there is a website larsenstrings.com which does in fact have a color chart for all the windings. Had the client check the peg end windings and yes they were the right strings!

And everyone lived happily ever after:)

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