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Hi everyone.

I'm hoping you can help me identify a violin that I encountered yesterday.

It belonged to an elderly woman's late husband. She suspects he or his family bought it back in Scotland.

The fluting goes all the way around the scroll

Super long bee stings

To me it looks like the linings are butted up against the blocks 

The owner would like to sell it. Can anyone give an idea of what I could tell her it's worth?

20220304_130822.heic 20220304_130721.heic 20220304_130857.heic 20220304_130914.heic 20220304_131035.heic 20220304_131043.heic 20220304_131050.heic 20220304_131057.heic 20220304_131111.heic 20220304_131152.heic 20220304_131310.heic 20220304_131319.heic 20220304_131605.heic 20220304_131650.heic 20220304_131738.heic

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