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Strange baroque bow?


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2 hours ago, reg said:

Any good?

For what?  :huh:  :lol:

2 hours ago, Blank face said:

I would doubt that disposable plastic bows which can't be rehaired with a 3-year lifetime should be described as "animal friendly".

That's not horsehair:  https://www.incredibow.com/product/incredihair/

My question is whether it's player or listener friendly.  :rolleyes:

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From what I remember, they work, you can play with them. The hair grabs the string ok. But it feels weird as it is super light, but still not well balanced (tip heavy). It is a funny gizmo, but nothing more. But I wonder what this hair would to in a normal bow.

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1 hour ago, Violadamore said:

For what?  :huh:  :lol:

That's not horsehair:  https://www.incredibow.com/product/incredihair/

You didn’t get the point. Of course it is a plastic bow with melted in plastic hair.

 At a time when plastic is going to be replaced with natural materials for the sake of nature because it is deadly for animals in many ways, it sounds (!) sarcastic to call this kind of bow animal „friendly“.

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I quite like them.  They don’t really compete with a really good bow in my opinion, but for 100$ Or thereabouts they’re good value.  

They're quite different from a conventional bow mind you.  

They’re completely bomb proof obviously.  Notably the hair is ridiculously tough, so while I don’t know if a rehair is even possible, neither is it necessary for a good few years.  

Very light, with grippy hair.  They work well, for me at least, at sort of pulling out the sound, swelling, pulsing kind of bow strokes.  I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but it’s important in trad playing.  I think something similar can be important for baroque music too.  

With being so light and grippy, and the taughtness of the hair, they are good for fast single bow passages.  I imagine they are good for off the string bowing, chopping etc, but I don’t really do much of that.

The big disadvantages are

1. They’re ugly as sin.

2. You can’t adjust the hair tension.  They come quite tight.  So if you favour looser hair, even just some of the time, they’re not ideal.  

3. They’re a bit tall.  Like because there’s no reflex, the Centre of balance is higher up above the hair, so any changes in how you tilt your bow get magnified and mess around with the angle of your bowing.  I’m guessing that may be one reason that baroque bows tend to be shorter.  It’s something you can adjust to with a bit of practice though.  

Overall, like I said, I like them.  I know other people that hate them.  And they’re definitely different enough that you need to adjust to them before coming to a conclusion.

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Very few of the Incredibows around here... but I had one client that said he simply loved the bow and was not interested in anything else. ... Can't imagine what he played prior to getting the incredibow!

Two years later he brought his violin in again for tune up, and then I offered for his trial ( and zero obligation) and opinion,  a nice silver fitted pernambuco Tourte style bow that I had rehaired with premium "Siberian"  hair.  "Sure... I'll try it for you & let you know what I think"

His reply a week later... " you can't have it back!" I am guessing he does not play the Incredibow, but... it is a good emergency backup.

I guess quality is a relative thing.


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