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How long for glue to firm


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I think Jacob is trying to say that he considers liquid hide glue to be unsuitable for gluing on fingerboards, or anything else violin-related.  I agree with him.  I have never glued a fingerboard with liquid hide glue, but with the hot stuff I wait a few hours before tightening the strings.

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48 minutes ago, keyboardclass said:

Thanks.  It's just someone suggested leaving it for a few days.  Bearing in mind it's not hot hide glue I'll give it 24 hours.

Especially for or a 'cello board, using hot hide glue, I leave it under the clamps at least overnight.

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Knowing that my fingerboard was glued on with the liquid hide glue would make me nervous while playing it. Especially on cello. It has quite a track record of unreliability due to short shelf life and it's weakness in humid environment (which can be the case if player has sweaty hands).

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"True Confessions" time here:

I used liquid hide glue on a fingerboard only once, for an electric cello.  I guess since it was a non-traditional instrument and I used titebond for other parts of it, I figured that it was an OK time to experiment with the liquid hide glue.

The fingerboard end was hollowed out but, unlike a traditional cello, was glued flat to the body, so there was a "cave" at the end.  Before gluing, I routed a small "v" channel on the underside of the fingerboard, so that I'd have an easier time removing it if necessary.

And it was.  I left the clamps on for several days, at which point the squeeze-out at the nut end and by the opposite end "cave" was still soft.  So. I left it a few more days.  At which point, I could feel a slightly rubbery squeeze-out along the neck/fingerboard joint.  I scraped that flush, and maybe a week later, still clamped up, I felt a tiny bit more squeeze-out.  Scraped flush, and a week or more later later, the same thing.

I concluded that it wasn't likely to dry really hard or be reliable, so I removed it, cleaned it, and reglued it with hot hide glue as normal.  No problems. 

In retrospect, it is possible that the "v" channel and meniscus in the "cave" gave the liquid hide glue a place to hang out and for its moisture to continue to work its way through the glue joint, inhibiting its drying.  Maybe without those features, it would have worked better.  But I won't do that again, so I won't find out.


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