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Gunter Cello(?)


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Reads Eugen Gärtner, Stuttgart, if this helps. Had a very good reputation and is often faked. Your cello is also branded and looks quite nice, might be real.

As for these Großstadtgeigenbauer, some will say it’s all tarted up trade instruments, some will say they are artisan bench made, some will say they come from the makers own well supervised and quality controlled workshop.

Probably all of these models existed, not sure where people see Gärtner, maybe in the own workshop plus some trade category?

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When I first saw these pictures I thought Eastern European of Chinese that has been messed about with.

The label doesn't really make sense either, it seems that he had a couple of different labels throughout his life, and all of these appear to have been printed. Why would he suddenly revert to a hand written one.

The labels he was using at the time of the date of that label are really beautiful (IMO) multi couloured labels.

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