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Vegan Violin (world's first!)


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Well...while I have no problem using animal based products...provided the animals are reared in a healthy environment...I'm also happy to hear about new products...

...as long as the new products don't come with a host of different "unethical" issues.

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I mean, off the top of my head, the only animal product I use is the glue, and the glue used to make the purfling I use. So big f***ing deal? He just used different glue? I haven't used gut, or gut core, strings in a long time, if ever.  As far as the horse hair goes, synthetic hair has been around for ages, and is roundly panned as an inferior product. So...congrats?

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41 minutes ago, arglebargle said:

"This will be music to the ears of so many violinists who have longed for a high-quality instrument that is free from animal products," said the charity's Ericka Durgahee.

So many...I find that hard to believe. A solution in search of a problem.

I honestly don't understand the current minority/majority weight given to certain topics/situations. :mellow: It always seems that 10% of the population tries to dictate how the other 90% should behave.

Anyhoo...according to the internet...vegans and vegetarians etc. make up 14% of the global population.

Dunno what percentage of violinists are solely vegan...

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18 minutes ago, Guido said:

... and long to eat their instrument if it only was vegan.

Veganism is not always limited to diet, many won't wear leather shoes, etc. 

Regarding the 14% stat if you include vegetarians that really is a different thing, since that is just diet. My wife has been vegetarian since she was 18, but wears leather shoes, eats honey, etc. Also, there are some cultures where vegetarian diet is almost the norm, e.g. 40% of India can be categorized as vegetarian. 

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2 hours ago, David Burgess said:

Just because a carrot can't scream, and doesn't have legs to try to escape, doesn't mean that it isn't a sentient being, experiencing pain and terror when it is killed or eaten. :o

Haha, actually yes, plants and all other living organisms can sense and respond to their environment especially when something causes damage to them. I think this can qualify as "pain". Sentient? Not likely. Although many tree species (e.g. oaks) can communicate warnings to their neighbors when attacked (e.g., longhorn beetles).

Will the forest not be mad for killing their brethren if we use the wood wisely and make beautiful well crafted objects? 

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I'm vegan. I use hide glue. I'm not super happy about it but I accept it. I do avoid ebony out of conservation concerns. Are the alternatives 100% sustainable? Probably not. We all have morals and ideals and we all do our best to live up to them; and we all accept that just because we can't do everything doesn't mean we get to do nothing. I appreciate anyone who is thoughtful about how they choose to carry themselves in this world. 

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I was surprised to read that the maker of the vegan violin was Padrig O’Dubhlaoidh

(difficult to spell!), since I have known him since the mid 80’s when he worked in Vienna briefly. Paddy is a charming colleague, who I, amongst other things, particularly remember as an expert on Mother of Pearl, which is surely far from vegan, so I presume he was just accommodating the foible of some customer. Since nobody can spell his name, he trades as “Hibernian violins” in Malvern, where I visited him many years ago. Coming from Austria, one is always a bit incredulous what a fuss the people of Malvern make of their cute hills Handmade Violins by Hibernian – Fine stringed instruments by Padraig ó Dubhlaoidh (handmade-violins.co.uk)

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