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I have had this cello for several years and am not sure whether it is an amateur American work or something else. It is unlabeled. I believe this is built on back construction based on the way the ribs come together. The workmanship is somewhat rough as seen in the photos. It does have corner blocks that are roughly carved and linings which butt against them. The scroll is not a traditional scroll and is not carved to the end. The purfling appears hand made and roughly inlayed. The dimensions are somewhat between a 7/8 and full size cello. LOB 747mm Lower Bout 428mm Upper Bout 325mm Middle bout 225mm top edge to bridge is 395mm. The back is Bird's eye maple. It needs work on the neck where it was broken and previously repaired and the sides of the scroll are damaged from previous use of metal tuners. It doesn't appear to have any cracks anywhere repaired or otherwise. I would appreciate suggestions as to the origin of the cello and repair ideas. My current thinking is to graft the scroll to a new neck and patch the sides of the scroll where they were damaged. 

20220116_145733 (2).jpg

20220116_145940 (2).jpg













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So I can assume that we can agree its clearly amateur work with rough workmanship.  I do think that rough workmanship can have its own appeal depending on a person's taste. It's like the whole area of antique American items called "primitive" or "naive" which some people enjoy collecting. If I ever get it repaired and set up it will be interesting to see how it plays and sounds. Thanks for your replies. 

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