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Signed 1926 Ernst Heinrich Roth 1724 Violin

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Signed 1926 Ernst Heinrich Roth 1724 Stradivarius Copy Violin

Would this Shopgoodwill.com Roth be considered a VIIIR (since it is a 1724 model) or a XIR(since it’s signed)?

Bidding is that about $4600 now with four days left. How high do people think this one will go for? The only negative I can see is a giant crack on the treble bout  


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SGW fiddles always go through the roof; this one will probably go into orbit. Knowing the deep pockets who always bid on good fiddles there, I'm guessing it will go for close to $7K. 

That brand new crack on top, heading towards the vicinity of the soundpost (not quite on it but pretty close) plus whatever other issues it has that we can't see due to the bad photos, will cost quite a bit to repair properly.  Especially if it needs a soundpost patch, and if it has one of those, it will decrease the value. 

Do all of that math, plus the time it takes to sell it at retail value, and I say, "y'all have fun with all that!!" 

Granted if a player bought it and was BFFs with a professional luthier who would give them friend prices to repair it, maybe it would be OK.  

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Whoa! Went for a bit more than I thought it would. A few weeks ago I bought a SGW 1937 Roth Strad 1725 model that was in pristine condition. Although the 30s Roths are seemingly less desirable, this instrument’s quality is very high. Why do people think their quality dipped in the years  (33-38) leading up to WW2?

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14 hours ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

Goodwill buys one of their own violins again, look for it to be relisted soon.

Are you suggesting that the buyer is going to back out of the transaction? Or are you saying that Goodwill had some shill bidders who were running up the total?

I bought a violin at the site last summer, and it arrived with a new crack So I contacted them and they were very happy to take it back and refund my money.

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