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Is this bow worth bothering with?


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15 minutes ago, Shelbow said:

Any tips on freeing it?

Is it worth bothering?

No, it's not worth to bother. A cheap Abeille wood bow from the 19th century Mnk mass production. It looks also, as if it's a bit shorter than usual, like many of this type.

Freeing it means almost always to drill/mill out the eyelet from the underside of the opened frog and use a special tool to cut out the adjuster thread and make a bushing. There's a thread about it:



At such a cheap bow one can try to put it out wih pincers, but this usually means that the stick will crack up, or it's already cracked anyway due to the corrosion inside. Then you can clean it and glue it with super glue, hoping that it will hold. Commercial value will be but none.

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