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8 hours ago, germain said:

Whoever made this violin scroll was not their "forte"


Maybe this was the makers ‘forte’. We shouldn’t forget that some makers were too poor to buy the tools to make a clean scroll. Many of them didn’t even know how a clean scroll looked like. 

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Scroll profile pictures are useful for appraising what a fiddle is. To remember all the different shapes, one has to use or invent some mnemonic tricks with a bit of fantasy, otherwise one will never remember enough. I always think of the scroll/peg box profile, as if it were the profile of some person, and try to imagine his/her/its attitude. Here we have a pegbox whose outlines run fairly parallel to each other, with a scroll stuck on top almost as an afterthought

Some scrolls sit there like someone with their chin pressed down on their chest, and others sit there like someone sitting there with their chin up, this one being an extreme example of the latter. This would correspond to my notes on violins from Silesia, which we discussed elsewhere. It could just as well fit the character of something from somewhere else I don't know (I have for instance never heard of Szoradi)

This way of looking can be useful. A few months ago, we had a correspondent who was convinced that his gargoyle was a Testore. Testore is one of those with their chins up, so that one could see that his couldn’t be a Testore in a million years, from across the street (not that he was to convinced by the argument)

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2 hours ago, martin swan said:

I wonder if anyone did a dendro - looks quite like Szoradi's work to me

Interesting thought, but I don't think so. It's not "naive" enough, and his work is somehow cleaner, sharper edges, straight rib joints, much use of sandpaper and so on. Or he has much improved his skills.

This doesn't mean that I would buy it as early 18th century.

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3 hours ago, John Alexander said:

I find this instrument to be very interesting and unique.  Although the scroll is somewhat haphazard and childish, it is beautiful in a rustic, primitive way.  I wonder how it sounds?  Does it appear to be 18th century?  Tyrolese or Italian?

I like it too, I'm a sucker for wonky stuff like this :) I wonder if the scroll was a replacement?  I'm not sure it matches the overall workmanship on the fiddle.  Maybe it was an enthusiastic repair person who carved it,  and/or it was added to misdirect... to what I don't know! :lol:  Whatever the case, I'm not one to talk, it's probably better than I could do!  

It's only 350 though...


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