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Cello fingerboard width at nut

Michael Szyper

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I use 32 mm, and I also don't hollow the sides as I would with a violin or viola fingerboard.

Reasons: I want the added strength, and the normal cello hand position when playing doesn't have any part of the hand up against either side of the fingerboard anyway, so the difference between 30 and 32 is pretty transparent to the player, except when they are using the neck as a handle to move the instrument around.

Do I qualify for a run-on sentence award? :)

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3 minutes ago, Michael Szyper said:

Thank you guys for the great input. Helps a lot. 

I thought it might have an impact on the string spacing at the nut. 

It doesn't need to. My default is 22 mm, center-to-center of the A and C. What does Goodfellow recommend for that?

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