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Violin drawing competition

Andreas Preuss

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11 hours ago, GeorgeH said:

Jackson Pollock's works are most certainly the artworks of a genius.

I feel I must clarify. 
I love art and the study of the masters, and I believe we stand on the shoulders of  giants. However, I personally enjoy poking at the modern artists, all in good humor of course, because that’s what I do (who doesn’t :lol:). That being said, degas is my personal favorite although I also appreciate the often unappreciated skill of abstract and that mode of communication.

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15 hours ago, Al Cramer said:

Here's my contribution. Maybe a bit excessive -- it's about a philandering violinist who was murdered by his opera-star lover -- but it does feature my attempt to draw a violin.



Based on the sound color, and the pitch of the open C string, I will assert that this was not a violin, but a viola. Hence, the murder may have been more justified than the murder of a violinist. ;)

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10 minutes ago, scordatura said:

Agreed. Schoenberg also wrote Pierrot Lunaire a really cool piece!

“Cool” is such a wonderful word. And I do not disagree with your use of it here. 
I do not want to digress away from the original intent of the post, but I will send you a little note that I shared with someone else already…

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I have been refining a couple outlines that I have, before this post came up. Drawing an outline with a form support is easy. In one shot with no underlayment, like an artists sketch, is brutal.

I downloaded a pdf of a cool book yesterday; Masterpieces of Italian Violinmaking, by David Rattray. I took it out from our local library years ago and thought, Now I can have it right on my computer. It is beautiful. But the writing, even the numbers are all a scrambled mess of scribbles and nonsense! How nice. Now I need to take the book out, and write out a table of content, and dimensions.

I noticed flipping through it again that NO instrument is perfectly symmetrical. Very few are even close. Some grab my attention, and others not so much. Color and dirt on the bellies have a lot to do with the look, and drawing my interest. 

I also have trouble decided what instrument is what. I know the Grancino viola for sure, it is very pretty and distinctive. The other very symmetrical orange violin with pinched corners, page 153?  The ones on pages 132-139 are Guadagnini?  I need to take out the book.

No drawing yet, just trying to keep this on the front page.



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