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Good evening. Hey, a friend of my sister in law has her uncles violin and is curious about it. I'm seldom stumped by labels, but this one baffles me. Can you tell me the maker? I don't have the instrument or the pics would be better. She's sending them to me via email and she's never handled a violin before....... Many thanks!!  Keith Davis 






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5 hours ago, Flattmountain said:

With all due respect… Looks as if the “1913” was written with a modern and out-of-ink ballpoint. 

Which would be consonant with the label being, quite possibly, a triumph of modern xerography.   Anybody have some verified period examples to post, to settle this?  :)


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36 minutes ago, Brad Dorsey said:

I have seen this type of E Martin label, but I cannot provide any information on the way the date is written.

I'm aware that the label type is valid, I want some photographs of known-good examples to compare the paper and printing in Photoshop.  The print quality on the OP looks like it could be a photocopy.  The date looks like ball-point to me, too.  :)

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37 minutes ago, glebert said:

If people are faking 20th century house brand violins, they need to set their sights a little higher...

In case you haven't noticed, people are faking all manner of stuff.  A Markie with a name, is worth a little more than a plain "Stradivarius-Made In Germany".  That's all it takes...............   :)

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