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Birdseye maple violin without label - any help appreciated


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I don't buy many violins anymore unless something catches my eye. This one was a little interesting and I'm hoping for some help identifying the region and approximate age.

It has some characteristics of a factory fiddle, e.g. sharp rib corners, and some of a nicer fiddle - linings let into the blocks. It is obviously old and has had may repairs. I know my german violins fairly well but can't really place it. Any help would be appreciated. 

If more photos are needed please let me know.


Scroll fluting continues to end of throat

The pegbox is grafted at the neck as well as two side repairs, one back repair, and bushings in all peg holes. The neck is also grafted onto what remains of the possible original neck at the body.
Completely blocked and lined (except possibly top plate around upper block?), linings are let into the blocks.
Solid bottom rib with repair under the saddle and repair at end button hole. 
Independently carved thin bass bar.
Sharp rib corners, nicely done, straight, not wavy. Do not extend to the edge of top and bottom plate corners. 
One piece birdseye maple back, no pins.
Small back button, has been repaired, grain appears to match the back.
Back length almost exactly 14". Lower bout 8". Upper bout ~6 1/2".
Ribs ~ 1 1/10" (just under 28mm") wide.
Scroll eye width - 36.3mm.











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Looking under a loupe it looks like most of the top plate has a seam at the middle of the edge! Would this have been done if the top plate blank wasn't thick enough for carving? Is this ever done for any other reason?

Edit: I've been reading about half edging / edge doubling as a repair and understand the concept.

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 There is a back crack on the birdseye on the lower bout, not headed toward the sound post, and it has been repaired and cleated in the past. Is this something I should worry about if I have it set up or if it's holding after however many decades or centuries should I assume it's fine?

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