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Microscope or magnifying lamp for retouch/repairs?


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Hello. I am using successfully a magnifying lamp, with led lights at the lens. So, I have light, broad view and a good magnification at the same time. 

Since my brother is a scientist working at the lab, I have tested some stereo microscopes to inspect violin defects. The problem with stereo microscopes is the view, and it is very narrow. I could never imagine repair or retouch anything under this view, since I loose the periphral view. 

Does anyone have advantages by using microscopes or a lamp with a good magn. lens is all we need? 

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Though I will sometimes retouch under a microscope (mostly fill varnish into hairline cracks), most of the time I use a stereo microscope for crack cleaning.  A .5 Barlow lens is useful for increasing the usable distance between the microscope and the instrument, increasing the field of view, and decreasing the magnification by half.

I find head worn magnification, aka “becker checkers” to be more useful for retouching.  

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I'll use a stereo microscope if I'm doing something involving purpose-made micro-honed dental picks, needles, etc., as tools, where the work itself is microscopic.  On violins, such a need is rare.  For anything else, microscopes are overkill, IMHO.  Magnifiers and loupes, however, are very useful. 

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1 hour ago, Goran74 said:

…loupe glasses. 

I have always wanted to try the type of loupe glasses that dentists use, but I think they cost around $1500.  I think I would buy them if I knew they would work for me, but I would hate to buy a set and find out that they didn’t.  Does anyone here have experience with them?

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