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Maestronet Gremlins strike again?


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Up until now, when one clicked on the date of the last post on a particular thread, the site took one to the most recent post. For the last couple of days, the Maestronet Gremlins take one to the first post of the entire thread, which one already read weeks ago. This, in my view, can’t be considered an improvement, so I wondered if anybody could instruct me why this happens

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10 hours ago, Shelbow said:

is this still happening for you Jacob?

It seems to work fine for me at the moment.

I am also getting the same behaviour that Jacob is reporting.

Older versions of the same page used to link to the the last comment of a post, and all featured a url that ended "/&do=getLastComment" whereas the current version does not (while pasting this onto the end of the links does work, it is obviously not very convenient). The original link behaviour can be seen using the wayback machine from earlier this year:


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3 hours ago, Shelbow said:

Very curious indeed. @Jeffrey Holmes this is not an issue that I can replicate, but it seems to be affecting a number of members.



I haven't had that difficulty either. I've notified the official gremlin slayer of the site (ghunt).  Let's see what he comes up with.

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