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Violin I/d - help needed please

El Duce

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3 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

First impression would be Mittenwald, end of 18th C. now we need the usual details:)

Thanks Jacob. Some more photos the scroll seems a bit more refined and tapers away towards the pegbox. 

Is this a Hills neck graft? It had a Hills bridge which I know doesn't mean anything necessarily.









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Many antique violins have had the bottom rib shortened, a routine repair. This would remove the one piece bottom rib and notch features. Mittenwald bottom ribs are often in one piece, but by no means always. The inaptly called “Mittenwald notch” is also an unreliable sign, since it can be seen throughout the whole South German/Austrian area where the inside mould was used. One quite often sees Mittenwald violins with a too short belly stop length, as it would seem here. This isn’t particularly because the entire length is to short, but that the f holes seem too high up. They must have had some reason.

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