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Newly acquired violin. Does this need repairing?


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I have just acquired a violin from eBay. It is definitely playable and has not been damaged in transit (phew!), but I have noticed that one of the corner is starting to get unglued. The gap is tiny and I am not sure whether you can see it clearly on the picture I took (see top corner). Does this need to be repaired? If yes, can it wait to be repaired and can I safely play in the meantime (I don't want to cause more damage)?

If yes, can the luthier inject glue? or does the top needs to be removed and glued again???

Is it an expensive repair? I know prices can very form one city to another, but is it more expensive than fitting a new bridge for instance?

I did not pay a lot for the instrument and I cannot spend a lot on repairs

Thank you in advance for your advice


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Thank you so much for your replies. I am glad to hear that it is not serious and can be easily fixed by a luthier.

Also, to Don Noon, thank you for your advice. I hope the luthier will agree to do the repairs on my violin... I really don't want to offend him/her.

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