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Bridge Test

I have been mucking around making bridges for a couple of months now and have learned a lot in the process.

The one I like the best is made from Ash and looks like the pic. Not sure why I like it best other than that is plays nice and the sounds about like the original bridge and the one recently made by a pro. Maybe just because I made it?

Soundwise, I can not tell it from the pro but my wife sometimes hears what she call a nasal tone on some notes.

I made recordings that I can listen to from across the room and still hear no difference.

This link is to a clip of just a scale played on each and edited together for instant comparison.

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problems with link
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2 hours ago, JackSchmidling said:

I guess I need some help.


When I post the link to the video it shows up for a second and then disappears.





It's not your, or anyone else's technique.  Direct link insertion seems to have been disabled.  Why, @ghunt:huh:

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