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Interesting little-known movement from Bach Violin and Harpsichord sonatas

Bill Merkel

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BWV 1019a includes the Tempo di Gavotte movement from the BWV 830 harpsichord partita, arranged for violin solo with bass accompaniment.  The violin part is lost, but reconstructed here.  It's very playful, reminds me of children of various ages playing together, something Bach should have been very familiar with!  Also, lots of triplets against dotteds to argue about like children :)

minute 8:00


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On 10/10/2021 at 7:51 PM, Bill Merkel said:

Also, lots of triplets against dotteds to argue about like children :)

No argument in this performance.  They decided that the dots were shorthand for triplets. Common performance practice. Playing triplets against dotted rhythm would give this a wildly different feel, wouldn't it?

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14 hours ago, Bill Merkel said:

By the time of Czerny though, the dotteds are taken literally. 


I think it's on a case-by-case, composer-by-composer basis for quite a while.  Standardization seems like it came (slowly, somewhat) with music publishing houses.  Even Bach sometimes seems to mean different things at different times with his dotted rhythms.

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