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Technical drawing - Guarneri Del Gesu


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The block length (extent into the bouts) look fine to me, but the corner geometry doesn't look right.

The corners look too blocky and non-Guarneri.  I have only one photo of an unworn Guarneri corner, and I'd call it thin and angled.  I don't know if all Guarneris started out that way before getting worn to their current shape.

The garland corners are too long, with not enough plate overhang.  Guarneri garland corners are very stubby, with a lot of overhang of the plate.  I have a photo showing that, with worn corners.


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Well back to the drawing board pun intended :) 

So I was at about 1.8mm top and 2mm bottom I am assuming about 2.5 mm like the rest of the overhang?

Did a rough alternative bottom block sketch with plate overhang.

Left the previous on same picture to compare.

I guess my favorite corners are actually strad corners and in my ignorance couldn't tell.




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The look of the corners comes from tool handling. Even if you capture it in a drawing it doesn’t help to get the same ‘feel’ and certainly doesn’t work if you use a knife with a wrongly shaped blade.

dons picture shows a good interpretation of a del Gesu from the 1735-40 period. Your f holes look like the Kreisler and therefore your model is presumably from an earlier period, so the corner shape is not so pointed, everything is a bit milder.

corner block size looks right to me.


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Thank you for your input Andreas.

The model that I am working with is indeed the Kreisler. 

I was unaware of the changes between those years. 

I will make sure to look at many different pictures and examples I can find to better understand.


I think I'll finish the drawing and move forward to building some violin bodies.


Side Note: I am not trying to attempt to make a copy of the kriesler I lack the skills or knowledge to do such a thing. 


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23 hours ago, CaseyLouque said:

Side Note: I am not trying to attempt to make a copy of the kriesler I lack the skills or knowledge to do such a thing. 


Painters trained their skills by copying drawings of previous painters.

Even if the first attempt of a copy looks disappointing (it certainly will) the reward in learning outweighs the disappointment. You should try it!

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