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T2 Fiddle, Early 18th c. Any Ideas as to ID?

Jeny Mahon

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The condition report:

Back: soundpost crack with patch, button repair, edge insert adjacent to bass side button, cracks at button, cracks extending from lower edge with patches.
Ribs: cracks at corners, minor cracks at button, inserts and cracks at neck, ribs heightened.
Top: soundpost crack with patch, various cracks, various edge cracks and inserts.
Head: in good condition.
Varnish: wear and retouch.

I'm curious to know what y'all think it is?  Also I wonder if dendro could illuminate the situation at all?

Of course post cracks top and back makes it very difficult to sell, and/or it's not been identified; presumably this is why it's on T2.  But I wouldn't mind having it around to stare at; it's a pretty fiddle.  My eyes aren't the best these days but I can't see any evidence of a SP crack on the back.  Either it's a very good repair or I need new glasses!  Too bad they didn't include interior photos as (I assume) the top is off. 


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3 hours ago, Dwight Brown said:

They gots to be something!?

Spidey senses are saying Milanese cheap jack?????


There was another right next to it in the catalog that did the same!

Oh wow, I didn't see that one!  Also "early 18th c."  At least we got to see some of the inside.  


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