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Legit Roth?


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"Roth, Ernst Heinrich I - Markneukirchen & Bubenreuth Ge. - 1902 to the 1930's -

average to very high quality, the best being made by Roth, others by workers in his factory. 15 different models with the 120R as the lowest and the XVR the highest, these numbers do not appear on the labels, use the model name and date as the guide - hence a Guarneri 1734 is a IIR and thus on the lower end of the quality level.

(comments after the models are taken from the 1924 book by R H Roth).  E H Roth II came to the US in 1921 and worked for some other firms.  

In 1932, he established the Scherl and Roth firm with Max Scherl, they imported the E H Roth violins as well as others. ..."


* coted from :


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I'm no expert but, everything I've seen or read, Roth: spells it, "Nicola Amati;" used either slab cut or quarter sawn curly maple one piece back; didn't use "1675," as a date; used the same font size on the brandstempel. Plus, by 1936, I should think that serial numbers would have been in use, on every instrument that had produced, for well over 10 years.

The dates look, too much, like they were written with a felt tip pen.

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