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Best digital piano for beginners


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I have an entry level Roland. Only five voices, got it for $200 years ago. Even a Casio can be OK. Just make sure it has full sized keys. Keep the bells and whistles down to a minimum. You want the kids to learn piano, not the toy aspect. Weighted keys would be a plus (for the real piano feel) but it's not a deal breaker. If you could make it to Indiana, I'd let you have mine at a great price. I've got 4 other keyboards, so I wouldn't be without. Shipping would be a PITA and $$$.

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The Roland is certainly seeming attractive to me, the only thing that was putting me off was reading about the clicking keys thing, but the more I dig into that, the less it bothers me as it’s just the grease working its way around the keybed and either wouldn’t happen in this climate, or is fairly easy to remedy, or even just ignore... it’ll like as not come down to us having a good go on a few of them and feeling which one is right...

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