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Broke Baroque Violin ID


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Hi all, 

Just looking at another violin I have wondering what it is and what it's all about. 

Some extensive repairs- seems like the entire right lower bout of the table has been replaced

No purfling on the back, but there is an almost invisible, thin purfling right along the edge of the top.

Little repair note on the top seems to indicate it's pretty old

Bass bar isn't integral although I suppose could have been added later. 

Corner blocks don't seem to special but are present. 

What do you think? English?










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Looks like the neck was screwed on from the outside diagonally down from the finger board gluing surface, and the screw would have been hidden when the fingerboard was glued on. This feature was discussed on this forum before and associated with some English makers if I remember correctly. Can't recall further particulars, maybe someone else can.

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