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looking for more info on possible maker/shop of this gold mounted bow and some repair advice


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20 hours ago, martin swan said:

of course ...


OK thanks for the clarification - I wonder why people are reluctant. I had a very nice Prell in gold with a split in the button just like the OP's bow. Couldn't get any of my go-to bow restorers to touch it ...

Because it'd be very easy to botch, as it is not an "everyday" repair it is something that one would not encounter often and therefore hard to gain any experience in doing something like this. I have two sides of me looking at this. one the guy who's made lots of things from gold, and then the other guy who's worked with wood forever, the wood worker guy doesn't want to touch it, gold guy sees the "reality" and see's it as doable but very difficult , "difficult" implying it could get mangled , made worse, and then what as a repair guy your "buying a new bow" or paying the customer and "sorry" . High levels of confidence in "what your doing" is what make a pro a pro, that and years of doing "it" over and over...this is one of those jobs that "over and over" doesn't happen often.

My assumption based on what I'm seeing is that this is a factory "seam" that was at one time held together by a melding weld that has failed, I do not think an expansion event would split the seam so perfectly, I think the break simply reflects the manufacturer process,

In this day and age there are some pretty intense epoxy adhesives that are used in jewelry, I'd be tempted to see if the seam could not be "glued and clamped" as a "cheap" alternate, I don't think you could make it invisible that way , but maybe fortify it and make it look more "tight" , but that may likely be a short term fix where it might fail.

Braising a weld as I said on the flat part, then filing and MMsticking with polish would make it invisible and very doable,  but that little crimp at the end with the two score lines would be a real pain to get to look right

No clue about the origin, but it sure looks nice and playable

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