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Authentic HR Pfretzschner?


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5 hours ago, NickofTurl said:

What is the best way to tell between abeille and pernambuco?

The best way is to look at and compare as many as possible in real life.

At photos, Abeille is usually recognizable at rather long and broad white flecks along the grain (lke visible at the Ebay photos), Pernambuco often has very small  fibres rectangular to the growth forming a very regular pattern. But that's not always the case and can depend of how the wood was cut, the place within the trunk, and there are also other woods having similar features. Therefore photos can often lead to confusing.

But here it's quite clear to see, and like Strad O wrote, the shape of the head alone can tell that it isn't a Pfretzschner (except the damaged frog).

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On 8/29/2021 at 12:16 AM, GeorgeH said:

Personally, I think the whole thing looks faked, including the frog and button. The frog ebony looks like very poor quality and so does the "nickel" or whatever now-rusty metal was used.

Possible, but the Pfretzschner shop produced a lot of different qualities, especially from the 1930s onwards, so a poor wood choice isn't unusual. The workmanship and model, even the pearlslide look ok for Pfretzschner, and the this kind of nickel tarnishing red was used at many Mirecourt bows, too.

OTOH such a frog doesn't represent much of value for it alone, especially not in this state.

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