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3/4 pegs?

murray kuun

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3/4 tuning pegs are a better visual match for my new fiolin, than full sized ones.  Would the slightly smaller pegs be too difficult to turn?

In case you were wondering, I have made this model before and am more than happy with sound quality - and yes I know, most violin makers would poo poo it but never the less, it works for me (and the odd client).  Geometry is absolutely standard.


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Personally I now prefer internally geared pegs such as Wittner, Knilling and Pegheds. My heirs will not have to worry about rebushing the peg holes, etc. as I did for my 1877 cello.

The maker of one of my violins and one of my violas reduced the peg shaft diameters of tuning pegs for his instruments sometime before his 50th instrument. The reduced torque required for tuning I experienced was only one advantage. He is a retired mechanical engineer, so I had no reason to doubt the ability of these pegs to withstand the forces they would experience. They all are within the range of dimensional specs of the store-bought geared pegs named above.

By now I have replaced these pegs and all my others (and all the others up (or is it "down") the bloodline of my family - 14 instruments in all) with geared pegs of the brands named above.

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