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Arching templates?


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Arching templates (fifths) are closely related to their widths, they are hardly adaptable to different widths. Making this adaptation requires experience, so I think it would be better to look for those of your model (Kreisler), or at least of violins with the exact same widths. Especially those located at the upper and lower corners (the second and the fourth), which are also the most critical points of the arching where it is important and difficult to place the curve change points (convex to concave). You can find them on The Strad poster.

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I made half templates from the Titian poster but only use them as a general guide to get close and then do the rest by eye.   The area I have most problems with is from the widest part of the bouts to the end blocks.  The arch is very low in that area and there are no templates for  that.   If I were trying to make a close copy of a particular instrument I would be much more exacting with the templates.  

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