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Any leftover tortoiseshell?


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3 hours ago, MeyerFittings said:

How is a discussion of banned materials political?

Politicians enact laws that ban materials.

If there were a voluntary consumer boycott rather than a legal ban, it would not be political.

My intention is not to argue for or against a ban here; I'm just stating the facts.

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Conservationist contention is some of the continued illegal trade in tortoise shells stems from the capability of the newly harvested shell to be laundered into the seemingly never dwindling supply of preban material in some places and sold on as finished goods (based on seizure numbers most of this is not bow frogs). Voluntary consumer action depends on good information for consumers to make a decision and information is problematic. Bans are, in part, a response to the poor ability to properly document trade.

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I'd agree, these things have had their time, and the world has moved on.

In the countries where many of the banned materials originate, the local population are incredibly poor, and have few options to make enough money to eat, or keep a roof over their head. In the developed world, we should know better than to continue to exploit dwindling resources, and those who live there, just because we fancy a bit of bling.

I've known many make the argument, "well, it's already dead, so might as well use it now!". This is a poor train of thought, and just continues to cause a problem, where a market for these materials in any form, continues their illegal harvest.


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the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is administered through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). A Secretariat, located in Geneva, Switzerland, oversees the implementation of the treaty and assists with communications between countries.

The EPA was created during Nixon's reign.  The Oregon list of no-no species was passed as a ballot measure and not partisan. Walrus is not mentioned but is included in most other States. Mastodon is also not mentioned but is in New York and Some other States to keep the use of elephant ivory from being slid through the cracks.

Just Sayin.

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