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Thumb plane advice?


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Has anyone found any affordable yet decent quality thumb planes? I am just getting started and do not want to spend 100 dollars per plane on the IBEX ones yet the chinese ones I find on ebay seem....questionable? Which is why I ask? Has anyone found a decent brand other than ibex that isnt as expensive. Or any that you can recommend for a beginner to get started without spending a fortune?

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I haven't used the IBEX planes, but my teacher said that no one he knows likes them anyway.  

The Herdim planes are much cheaper and the wooden wedge system is, surprisingly, easier to operate than the screw.  The steel is good quality.  The throats of the planes are usually a little tight, so you may have to file them more open.  You can get them from Dictum and elsewhere.  




The ones I have, which I believe are more than enough to make violins and violas, are as follows: 

- Flat sole, 12mm blade width

- Round sole, 12mm blade width

- Round sole, 10mm blade width (normal blade and tooth blade)

- Round sole, 7mm blade width

If I had to pick only 2, I'd take the two smaller ones of what I listed.  The flat one is useful for finalizing the outline of the plates, but you can get away without it if you're up for some filing.  The 12mm round plane is really just a changeup tool so my hands don't blister as quickly, and so I don't have to sharpen as often.  I haven't found it superior to the 10mm for any task thus far.  

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I have a set of cheap chinese planes.  They are just ok but need tweaking / sharpening.  They are brass colored but not real brass. It's some kind of soft base metal but their blades seem like good steel but need to be sharpened.  I have two Ibex but I forget the size,  I think one is 8mm and I use it more than any others. It's  well worth the price.  I have a regular blade and a toothed blade for it.  The larger Ibex that I have is about an inch wide and the blade isn't square with the sole so I had to reshape it some.  

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On 8/2/2021 at 9:00 PM, Josep Pampidó said:



Another possibility. I have one, plus the blades. I think they are good but I am just an amateur beginner

These look OK, but don't seem to be finished off entirely.
The cremona tools planes seem much nicer, but they do cost quite a bit now.

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On 7/31/2021 at 8:39 PM, Shunyata said:

I use Ibex planes... I tried cheap Chinese planes and junked them.  You will definitely need to refine the sole and blade profiles out of the box.  And pick up toothed blades to go with them.  It is worth the money.

My Ibex planes worked fine out of the box. My favorite is the tiny one but it's small size makes it a little hard to hold.

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