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JB Vuillaume with Jas. Tubbs bow


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My great grandfather brought this home from Europe in 1918 after he fought in WWI.

The Violin has been in my family my whole 47 years and way before.

It is not dated numbered or signed. Probably repro. Maybe German? 

The Bow is a Jas. Tubbs with ebony and mother of pearl.

I know nothing about antique string instruments.

This is all the info I have. 

Any help on what this really is would be appreciated. My Mother passed it to me. She is dying as we speak. 

Is it something to insure or just display?

























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Condolences to your mother. As such I would take this instrument to a reputable luthier to repair the rear upper bout, clean and revarnish areas worn out. Nice woods and regarding if it’s a real Vuilluame or not who cares? It was passed on to you by family and holds considerable value to you and you can pass it to your heirs. Regarding the bow get it rehaired and you will have a nice bow to go with your family heirloom.

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8 minutes ago, PaganiniGuitar said:

As such I would take this instrument to a reputable luthier to repair the rear upper bout, clean and revarnish areas worn out.

Neither the violin nor bow are worth repairing by any stretch of the imagination.

6 hours ago, Belasco said:

Is it something to insure or just display?

Just display. 

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35 minutes ago, uncle duke said:

The busted A peg area is a shame.  Someone will fix it properly one day in the future. 

Yeah I missed that. After the repairs by a reputable luthier or even an amatuer restorer (what has he got to lose), I would get the violin accessory kit to replace those items. It may even be a great sounding instrument. 

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2 hours ago, PaganiniGuitar said:

Why… why would you care? After calling it nasty and cheap making this new member feel aweful after indicating his dying mother passed it on to him! Shame on you! 

I have a violin used by my grandfather I inherited after he passed away. It's a nasty cheap German box in a state of disrepair. I've known what it is and that it hasn't been worth fixing since I got it. Happy to know it's in the closet. Emotional attachment is not dependent on quality or origin, nor do I feel it's necessary to spend a bunch of money trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. If the OP wished to display it, that's understandable... never felt the need to do so with my grandfather's fiddle.

Jacob's initial response may not have been gentle, but it was accurate.

Let's move on.

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5 minutes ago, PaganiniGuitar said:

Jeffrey understand what you said but how does that qualify for his attack on a public forum? It it was anyone else with such an attack would this not have been cleaned up and a waring issued? 

If that's the worst thing Mr. Saunders ever calls you, you're getting off easy. 

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2 hours ago, uncle duke said:

That is the English way Pag.  There is not really anyone to replace him as a specialist either.

If you are some sort of a real Englishman he will like you better though.

This made me laugh Uncle… my wife is English from an old family of Wales. I’ve never seen this sort of ‘English’ way you speak of. Yes the English can be very arrogant, dream of self sueriority, and walking on clouds but most of the ones I’ve met aren’t worth two shakes to bother with.

Administrators we need the ‘Ignore Button’ for those we wish to ignore… and yes perhaps I may be placed on iignore as well!

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6 minutes ago, PaganiniGuitar said:

But it’s his money right? I see nothing wrong with getting this instrument repaired why so much fuss?

Seriously and respectfully, it was and is bad advice.

The OP was only asking if he/she should insure it or display it. They were not asking if they should restore it. Furthermore, the OP gave no indication that there was anybody in the family that wanted to play it.

What would be the point of spending a lot of money to restore a wrecked violin that would cost much much more than it could possibly ever be worth?

There is nothing wrong with simply displaying it as his great grandfather left it.


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20 minutes ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

You're not going to learn much here if you put Jacob on the ignore function!

In my field we had such an individual who was arrogant, thought he was beyond reproach, etc. all the things we see here. Well we reported him to the engineering licensing board of our state and he lost his license to practice, lost his job, credibility, and now lucky if he can get a job as a draftsman. 

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31 minutes ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

Don't see anything wrong with the A peg area, just a  hair from the string that looks like a crack but isn't, the real problem is the neck pulling loose and the button broken off.

You are correct!  

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8 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

Cheap and nasty school outfit from the Markneukirchen cottage industry from the turn of the 19th/20th C. In a state of decomposition such that a repair would not be commercially viable

Although I truly appreciate others concern for my emotional well being, I trust in your knowledge of these instruments.

Actually your candor is what I was looking for.

I had no doubt these where fakes. And it's been all over the family kept in poor condition. So it is pretty nasty. 

But it has good memories. So I'll just hang it up. 

Thank you for responding.

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