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Is this bow anything or just a broken bow??

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Well... they met the reserve with $2,100 so somebody must think it's worth fixing.  I'm tempted to ask for a condition report.  I mean yeah that looks quite broken but maybe it's a scratch or... not all the way through, or... OK it's broken.  Sad face. :(

What I want to know is why would somebody treat their bow so badly as to cause that damage.  

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Before one bids on any “Stamped Sartory” in America, I would recommend you read Gennady Filimonov’s article “Phoney war” in the February 2019 Strad Magazine. He occasionally posts on the forum, so perhaps he would like to provide a link himself.

Apart from that, I wouldn’t want the Tasrisio one, even for nothing.

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15 minutes ago, PhilipKT said:

Would you mind sharing with us what you do like?


I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that Jacob likes items that aren't broken and/or low value to begin with? :ph34r:

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