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Cremona Visit


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DHad the chance to visit Cremona this summer. It is a charming town, especially for connoisseurs of bowed string instruments. I was there only a day and a half. I Wish that I could have spent more time there! Hopefully this will inspire people to visit.

First up is my visit with Davide Sora. I had a chance to see two of his violins and play one. Gorgeous instruments! The violin played great for an unplayed fiddle. Davide is as we know a master maker who is willing to share his time and information. I wish that I had taken more pics. Mille grazie Davide.

More to come.




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Hi Scordatura,

it was a real pleasure to meet you, and also a privilege to let you try my violin. It would have been interesting to have had the time to do a more in-depth test, and maybe a recording to post on maestronet for fun (no video, to keep your anonymity on the forum:ph34r:).

I'm glad you enjoyed the little time you spent in Cremona, and I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Violin Museum, despite some critical issues in the way some violins and the finds are exhibited (in my opinion).


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7 hours ago, Michael_Molnar said:

Davide, the orange red-side violin is very different from your cinnamon brown violins that you are holding. Why???

The violin in my right hand is the same as you see in the other two photos, the color differences are due to the different lighting and exposure. The real color is neither one nor the other, probably halfway between the two, but still variable depending on the light.

The violin in my left hand is the one in this video :


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