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Byron Berline, RIP


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1 hour ago, David Burgess said:

Could some of the songs on the "Let It Bleed" album have been a good attempt to imitate various styles of grass-roots American styles of music (which rock-and-roll is anyway), or could they have been a satire

Not satire: they have a deep love and respect for American 'roots' music. 

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He was great at many levels: playing, teaching, advocating, touring, and encouraging younger players ( any musicians, singers ) to perform. He toured often enough that catching him once a year in a club or hall was possible.

It would be interesting to better understand how he acquired instruments. When showing off his latest, he'd just smile and offer up as long as I would be willing to play. They were fine, solid instruments. With him, actions were more important than words and he'd play or show something without much chatter.

Byron was easy to like and respect. I do not know anything about his finances but he worked and he made music and supported what he believed in. I truly appreciate the efforts that he made.


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