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The two-tone violin


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Okay. This is a first for me. The very deliberate two-tone violin finish.

I've seen a lot of two-tone violins due to antiquing attempts, but that's not the case here.

So? Is this a genuine, untouched antique violin? If so, was this common? Or is this a refinished antique, or maybe even an older Chinese/Romanian one?

BTW...I'm not commenting on the maker of the video, only on the instrument in the video.


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8 hours ago, Dwight Brown said:

I remember seeing some violins when I was a kid that were referred to as “French”. They looked sort of like a Siamese cat in reverse ( refer to my avatar, my much loved and missed Willy :-)


I did not know anything about them at all.

I was going to ask about the kitty!  Willy was a beautiful boy :wub:  I love Meesers, we had a pair of Bluepoint sisters in the 70's, Tishy and Chikey.  They had a few litters of babies, there's a photo somewhere of me at age 3 with a lapful of little puffballs.  My mom tried briefly to be a breeder but that didn't go anywhere, and the two queens retired in the splendor of our shack in the woods, where they lived to be 15 and 16. They divided their time equally between a chair in front of the fuel-oil heater, and my dad's lap. 



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