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Materials Engineering of Violin Soundboards by Stradivari and Guarneri

John Preston

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7 hours ago, violins88 said:

The online library Wiley is not a peer reviewed journal, is it?


Or in other words, if I get published there, does that make me a qualified scientist?

Wiley stuff is peer reviewed.  :huh:


  • What are Wiley Open Access journals?


Wiley Open Access journals publish high-quality, peer-reviewed original research across a broad range of scientific disciplines. Manuscripts can be submitted directly, with a number of journals also receiving papers that are referred by other Wiley journals participating in the Manuscript Transfer Program

OTOH, if what you manage to get published (which may require certain serious credentials, depending on the journal) underwhelms your learned colleagues who read your contribution to the world's knowledge, they're going to get professionally and reservedly snarky about it.  [Holds up an orange biohazard bag marked "Professional-grade Pejoratives"]  :lol: 

That could relegate you to being a "qualified" scientist under Definition 2 below:

adjective: qualified
  1. 1.
    officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified.
    "newly qualified nurses"
    • competent or knowledgeable to do something; capable.
      "I was less well qualified than almost anyone present to recollect the olden days"
  2. 2.
    not complete or absolute; limited.
    "I could only judge this CD a qualified success"

:ph34r:  ;)

The most common and passive-aggressive form of this opprobrium is to simply not cite someone's papers in any of your own (systems similar to, but more active than academic citations, called "likes" and "memes", are used by the lay public).   If it proceeds to trading pleasantries in "Letters" columns (such as questioning a methodology used, etc.), things are serious indeed.  If it escalates beyond that, to exchanges on niche forums, talking to media, or the thermonuclear option of creating special blog sites for offense and defense (I could show you a hilarious case of this involving a dispute between theoretical physicists), I make careful note of the locations, and get out the popcorn.   popcorn-and-drink-smiley-emoticon.gif.4b6d81c737c4389af9c6a9ed71cef6fd.gif  There's no Freude like Schadenfreude:lol:

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26 minutes ago, violins88 said:

Thanks for your thoughts.

You're welcome.  I reread your post, and the short answer is "yes".   Anybody who's an author on a paper there should have some professional chops with regard to the paper's subject.

As to whether the conclusions published are always correct, refer to the humor I included in the previous post.  :)

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