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Seeking more information about my violin


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Hello all, I appreciate any and all knowledge shared regarding my violin, even if it is disappointing. I have owned  an 1896 Eduard Reichert 4/4 Violin for about 30 years and have played it exclusively since I was a child. Recently I've become curious as to its origin and I'm having trouble finding solid info online. From what I've found so far it could be a mass produced "fake" from a factory in Germany from 1900-1920ish. I haven't found an example quite like it out there in internet land yet as it has some unique ornamental designs. The inlay on the back looks to be fairly common. The "caspar da salo" brand on the scroll looks more modern, but was also repaired at some point. 







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27 minutes ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

Eduard Reichert was a brand name or dealer that sold cottage industry production violins, your violin look quite a bit later than 1896 though. looks nice.

Which aspects stand out as being later production methods?

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What more is there to know? It's a trade violin out of Dresden, probably a product of cottage industry or small workshops. I like Dresden violins like Reichert, Duerer, Fiedler. They seem to have a similar look and good workmanship, and I can generally get good sound out of them, and they are easy to sell. Chances of getting specifics about individual workers or shop managers are pretty remote. The  additional carving or detailing doesn't, IMHO, add one thing to the sound or playability of the instrument, and, for my market, actually reduces the value I ask for them, but I'm ornery that way.

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