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The Ultimate W00d Treatment: Destroying a Violin


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7 hours ago, l33tplaya said:

Franken-thuggery or art? Should we keelhaul Thackray and cover him with hot varnish? Or annoint him to the Cremona priesthood? 


#violintorture #drunkluthier #violinsadism


Neither.  He says of himself, “I guess you could just call me an asshole. There’s times where I will build a violin and think, Someone’s going to hate this. It’s one of my biggest motivations.”  IMHO, ignore him.  :)

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1 hour ago, Three13 said:

It’s one solution to the infestation of “the usual”.

What "infestation"?   :huh:  [takes a studiously relaxed and unconcerned stance, as meaningful as a rattler's buzz, and checks that the popcorn is handy as well]  ;) :lol:

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