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Maestronet on the Blink again


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On 6/30/2021 at 3:00 PM, jacobsaunders said:

For some reason, Maestronet only works at the moment, when I'm logged in. Is this to discorage people marketing there anonymous German bows as from this or that concrete person, or is there some inocent reason?

I'd not lightly attribute "innocence" to sysadmins (few stay naive for long), though they are sometimes "not guilty".  ;) :lol:

56 minutes ago, GeorgeH said:

Am I missing something in the translation here? 

Read:  "marketing mass-produced German bows (i.e., 'the usual rubbish') as being by a specific maker".  :D

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1 hour ago, GeorgeH said:

Ah! "Concrete" = "Specific"

It's  used as a catchall term for "real", but in this case, yes.  Someone without a fluent knowledge of English might think he was ranting against violin fraud by construction workers, or perhaps by garden gnomes.  :rolleyes:  :lol:

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