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Eyebrow injury


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On 6/25/2021 at 7:54 PM, Evan Smith said:


Think like a woman's breast filling a bra, you build the bra then fill it with your acumpucky slop,, let it dry then remove the bra after it has hardened. Leave a bit of excess to blend in at the top.


Really not a big deal.

...looks down at breast/bra...wonders about perspective...

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14 hours ago, Martin McClean said:

When I served as an apprentice in Hills* we regularly encountered this sort of problem. Eventually we developed a technique where we would carefully remove a lock of hair from the back of the lion's head and then graft it on to the eyebrow location. Rub the back of the scroll round the bottom of the communal ashtray and the job is good. Often the lion would end up with a slightly quizzical expression, which many people found strangely appropriate.

(* the hills) 

As the owner of an eyebowless lion...I  think I'd prefer no one messed with his hair...

...be it the Hill's or in the hills...

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